March 26, 2012

California Spring Trials 2012

I'll have more time to go into detail later, but I wanted to share just a few photos from the 2012 California Spring Trials where I'm currently visiting a number of greenhouses full of fabulous plants!

March 12, 2012

Signs of Spring

I don't go into this part of my yard very often, so I was completely surprised by the little clusters of crocus .

This hellebore has been continuously blooming all winter since it has been so mild.

I was afraid my rhubarb hadn't survived the winter (since we had almost zero snow cover), but look what I found!

The Wolf Moon and Spanish Roja garlic that I planted last fall is well on it's way.

Maybe the second year's the charm with strawberries, because last year was a total bust.

My lovely ladies enjoying the sun and warmth in their temporary playpen (so they have access to fresh grass).
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