January 28, 2012

New USDA Zone Map...Finally

The USDA recently released an updated zone map. I was really excited to see if my zone changed or if my first and last frost dates changed.  I read an article released in the last few days that said something along the lines of "8 million gardeners rejoice as their gardens move a half zone warmer". Well...not for me. My area was zone 5b on the old map, and it's still 5b on the new map! Bummer!

Apparently, the USDA was going to release a map in 2003, but the Busch administration didn't want it to be released (because it showed evidence of global warming). And because of that, over twenty years later, we were still using a map from 1990! I'm glad for the updated map, but it doesn't open any new doors for me!

1 comment:

  1. that is super exciting! and completely insane about the bush admin holding it back. i used to be in zone 6b, now i'm in 7a! that's according to my zip code anyway...looking at the map it seems like i'm in 7b, or at least right on the border. awesome. thanks for posting this.


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