November 27, 2010

Orange jarrahdale pumpkin?

Does anyone know why my one of my jarrahdale pumpkins is turning orange? The obvious answer is that it is ripening, but I was under the impression that these pumpkins were supposed to be green when ripe.

A couple months ago, I brought in the four jarrahdale pumpkins that my garden produced this year. They have served as a nice fall decoration and I love the gray-green color of their skin and their deeply ribbed rind. This was the first year I grew this variety of pumpkin and I'll definitely be adding it to my list again for 2011. My harvest was a little disappointing though. I planted at least six plants (I don't keep very good records), but only got four fruit. 

I've read that these pumpkins can store for a year or more if the conditions are right. Mine have kept very well the last couple months inside, but I will probably turn them into pumpkin puree fairly soon (I'll start with the orange one).

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  1. I realize now (after having these pumpkins in my living room for almost 5 months) that they naturally turn orange as part of the ripening process.

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