December 14, 2010

Thrifty Pots and Canning Jars

I had some great finds at the local thrift store the other day. Who can pass up great clay pots like these ones for less that $1 each? These happen to be orchid pots, which are especially nice. They are short and squat and less prone to tipping over than standard pots.

Terra cotta orchid pots (with spider plants)

I also picked up an entire box of canning jars in various sizes, again for about 30¢ to 60¢ a piece. New canning jars cost $1+ each, depending on the size, so this was quite a good deal. A few of these jars were unusually tall and thin. I’ve never seen this shape for sale before. Perhaps these particular jars are older than the others (and have gone out of production)?

Box full of thrift store canning jars.

Since canning jars are made to be reused, I am not at all wary about buying them at garage sales and thrift stores. Make sure you only buy jars without cracks or chips and check that the rim is smooth to the touch. Chips in the rim will prevent the lid from sealing properly. Wash and disinfect the jars thoroughly before using, even if they appear to be clean. You can’t know for sure what was stored in the jars in their past life and they may have been visited by bugs or mice while in storage…so give them a good washing.

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

P.S. I bought the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving a couple months ago. It's a great reference book for canners.

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