February 24, 2011

Day Old Chicks

My day old chicks are doing great so far! They are busy eating, drinking, pooping, and being very wobbly and adorable. They seem to be capable of falling asleep at any moment (including while standing up). 

My trip to Townline Hatchery went well and the people were really friendly (as were the two pooches that introduced themselves). I ended up getting a buff orpington, gold laced wyandotte, aracauna, barred rock, and a black australorp. Other than the buff orpington (which is the yellow one), I'm not really sure who's who. Hopefully they're all females...


  1. In addition to being adorable, now I have this mental image of a narcoleptic chick just falling over asleep.
    Can't wait to watch them grow up... though they're so cute right now!

  2. What little darlings!!! It's going to be so much fun to watch them grow up!

  3. Narcoleptic is the perfect description. Being so cute, must be tiring!


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