February 13, 2011

Why I love the Library

I go to my local library at least once a week. I love checking out novels, how-to books, and movies. My library system is fairly large and I can request books from any library in the system (which means I have tons of titles to choose from).  There have been very few times that I've wanted a particular title, and not been able to get it at the library. Their gardening selection is quite good and they are regularly adding newly published books to their circulation. I can even get myself on waiting lists for new books before they've even become available!

Here's my current pile of books from the library:

Top to Bottom:
  1. How to Grow Practically Everything
  2. Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds
  3. Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens: 3rd Edition
  4. Second Nature: A Gardener's Education
  5. On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
  6. Origins of Fruits and Vegetables
  7. This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader
  8. Home to Roost: Chasing Chickens Through the Ages
  9. Keeping Chickens: The Essential Guide
  10. The Field Guide to Chickens
  11. Homemade Living: Keeping Chickens with Ashley English
  12. The Self Sufficient-ish Bible: An Eco-living Guide for the 21st Century
  13. Farm Together Now
  14. The Heirloom Tomato: From Garden to Table

As you may notice, compared to my last stack of books, there's a lot more chicken-related reading material in this pile...probably because I'm getting much much closer to getting my very own little chicks!


  1. Very exciting! Can't wait to see how the chicken adventure goes! Are you getting any crazy breeds?

  2. I'd love to get some wild chicken breeds, but I'm somewhat limited to what my local hatchery offers. I think the polish chickens look really cool and silkies are adorable, but I'm looking mostly for egg production, so those probably aren't the best options.

  3. awesome pile! i'm all about the library too--last season was my first major gardening year, first time really getting into it and starting seeds and all that, so i was checking out a stack like this about every couple weeks. have you started second nature yet? my cousin gave me a copy for xmas and i keep meaning to start reading--i have mixed feelings about michael pollan but he is a damn fine writer.

    i see you're reading "animal, vegetable, miracle" too--one of my favorites! i read that last spring and it made me so giddy with anticipation for the coming season.

  4. I'm a few chapters in to Second Nature. I also have mixed feelings about Michael Pollan. I tried to read one of his other books and just couldn't get into it. I love the Botany of Desire documentary on PBS though!

    Good luck with your seed starting. It's always very exciting.


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