March 21, 2011

Winter Compost Bin

The melting snow revealed quite a mess in my compost bin. I've been adding stuff to it all winter, layer upon layer (pet bedding, egg shells, freezer burned vegetables, cardboard, kleenex, carrot peels, etc.).

Hopefully with warmer weather, the contents of the bin will actually start to decompose. It looks kind of gross right now...especially the brain-like cauliflower in the upper right-hand corner (can you find it?).

I should probably stop adding citrus peels to my compost bin, they never seem to decompose.


  1. I've heard bad things about citrus. I worm compost and everyone told me never to put them in with the worms - I wonder if it's bad for the regular piles too?
    Gross looking now, but so wonderful soon!

  2. Down here in Florida, it would be a shame to waste all of our citrus peels. I just take the spent halves and slice them into three pieces. They disappear pretty quickly after that.


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