April 21, 2011

And Then There Was One

I'm down to my last Jarrahdale pumpkin from last summer. The second-to-last finally turned mushy a few days ago. I chopped it into big chunks and threw it in the compost pile. The next morning I found little orange bits all along my driveway...apparently squirrels like raw pumpkin.

I'm completely shocked at how long these pumpkins have lasted indoors. This is especially surprising considering I've had them in sitting in the house as decoration rather than storing them in the cool basement.


  1. I'm impressed too. Most of the winter squash I got from my CSA last year went bad in about 2 months. :(
    I love squirrels, but didn't know they liked pumpkin. They must think Halloween is awesome!

  2. I have Jarrahdale to plant this year but I thought they would be a grey-blue color. What can you tell me about the color of the shell?

  3. Jarrahdale are blue-grey, but they turn orange after a while (when they get ripe?). I was really surprised when mine started turning orange!

  4. I have 2 large and 2 smaller pumpkins still decorating the kitchen. The grey one turned a light orange and the forest green is just now taking on a bright orange color! Surprised me! And this is in Florida.


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