April 18, 2011

Starting Perennial Flower Seeds

This was a slow week for starting vegetable seeds (nothing seems to need to be sown ~5 or 6 weeks before last frost), so I took the opportunity to start some perennial flower seeds. Every year I intend to start some perennials from seed mid-summer for planting out in the fall, but I always get too busy and forget. This year I decided I'd just get them sown now while I'm thinking about it. Unfortunately, that means I'll have a little less space under my grow lights for vegetables.

Here's what I started today:
  1. Lupine 'Tutti Fruitti' (this one is supposed to flower the first year)
  2. Lupinus Perennis (a spectacular blue, wild lupine)
  3. Hollyhock 'Country Romance' (I've always wanted some yellow hollyhocks. This is one of the few mixes I've found with yellows)
  4. Columbine mix
  5. Foxglove 'Excelsior Hybrid' 
I also started some herb seeds a few days ago (parsley and oregano) and some fennel seeds.

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