April 13, 2011

Starting Tomatoes and Eggplant

This past weekend I started my tomatoes, a few eggplants, and a few groundcherries. This was probably my biggest week for seed starting because I will be growing approximately 100 tomato plants this year. I will be keeping about 50 for my garden, giving away about 25 to my family, and the remaining plants will be sold at the farmer's market. 

In order to get 100 plants, I started about 200 seeds in case some of the seeds are duds. This was probably a bad idea because I have a really difficult time throwing away excess seedlings. Knowing how I am with plants, I'll probably end up potting up every last seed that germinates and be completely inundated with plants (and have no where to plant them in the garden). Here's hoping I have the willpower this year to throw away the extras!

Here's what I started this year (the number on the right is the total number of plants I want to keep, not the number of seeds I started):

Kellog's Breakfast 1
Bloody Butcher 13
Japanese Black Trifele 4
Aunt Ruby's German Green 5
Principe Borghese 5
Martino's Roma 10
Pruden's Purple 11
Taxi 11
Green Zebra 3
Black Krim 12
Brandywine 13
Moonglow 3
Cherokee Purple 4
Matt's Wild Cherry 4
Polish Linguisa 2
Amish Paste 2
San Marzano 2

Part of my collection of heirloom tomato seeds. Some are saved from last year, and some are new to me this year.

I'm starting to really like these "communal" seed trays. They save a lot of space during the early stages of seed starting.


  1. Have you ever tried Kellog's before? I'm considering it for next season and would like to know how it does. How about a Heinz? Have you ever grown any?

  2. I grew Kellog's Breakfast for the first time last year. The fruit were huge and a very pretty yellow-orange color. I remember them being very tasty.

    The only downside was that I only got a few fruit per plant (because they were so enormous).

    I have never grown Heinz, are you going to try it?

  3. I'm thinking of trying Heinz next summer.


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