April 26, 2011

Transplanting Tomatoes

After two weeks in their communal trays, my tomato seedlings were ready to transplant. I started about 220 seeds and I will be keeping about 105 plants. It's a good thing I started so many extra seeds because I had some pretty erratic germination in a few cultivars (namely Taxi, Principe Borghese, and Matt's Wild Cherry). The excess seeds that did germinate are being donated to a Professor in my department. Hopefully they will find homes in one of three places: 1) his garden, 2) the demonstration vegetable garden, or 3) my local community development association for one of their many new community gardens. It's nice to know that these seedlings won't just be tossed out!

Lots of baby tomatoes!
Halfway done transplanting in this 50-cell tray.
I also transplanted about 9 cells of eggplant 'Black Beauty' and 9 cells of ground cherry 'Pineapple Tomatillo'. Post-transplant, my single tray of crammed-together seedlings now take up about three times as much space...hopefully I can find enough space under my light setup for them all!


  1. So many seedlings! I can't imagine the patience it took to transplant them all. By August it will be worth it though. I'm jealous you have so many varieties.


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