May 5, 2011

Grainy Grad Student Photo

I just got back from a four-day conference in Iowa on controlled environment research. I met a lot of influential people and "big names" in horticulture. It was interesting putting faces to all the names in my scientific literature review.  One thing became very obvious to me during this trip (although I was already aware of it). Light emitting diodes are a really hot topic in horticulture! I feel honored to be part of the U.S. team of scientists working to quantify the impacts of LED lighting on plants.

P.S. Sorry about the grainy photos...all I had was the camera on my iPod.

Presenting some LED research at the conference.
Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University

Iowa seems to be a littler further along into spring than Michigan.


  1. This was totally unintentional, but I suppose the Title "Grainy Grad Student Photo" could be a pun relating to the massive corn production in Iowa.

  2. Gorgeous shots of the blossoms! Thanks so much for sharing!


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