May 27, 2011

Salad Garden Taking Shape

I'm starting to actually see some defined rows in my bed of salad greens. Germination looks like it was a little patchy, but I think the survivors will fill out nicely.

Top to bottom (not that you can distinguish the rows from this far away): Green Heart daikon radish, radish mix, mizuna, arugula, lettuce, weeds, lettuce, more lettuce.

Arugula always grows great for me. It germinates fast and is of harvestable size in no time. 

I'm not sure why all the lettuce in this row decided to germinate in one spot.


  1. your salad bed looks great! aren't daikons a winter radish? i just did a post about spring/summer and fall/winter radishes, about how i accidentally planted six types of winter radish and they all only made top growth, and a few people have commented that they made the same mistake. it's weird to me that they wouldn't just go ahead and grow roots anyway, despite it being the wrong season.

  2. I don't know much about radishes in general, so you're probably right. We'll see if anything happens.


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