May 13, 2011

Wild Black Raspberries

I have a few canes of wild black raspberry growing near my long-term compost pile. I've gotten some pretty good yields of of these plants the last two years considering I don't pay much attention to them.

This year I did pamper them a bit by clearing the brush and small trees from the area. Hopefully they'll get a bit more sun this year and produce even more fruit than before.

I was really excited to find wild black raspberries growing on my property!

These bluish-red canes are super easy to spot when walking in the woods (or even driving in a car). I've become a bit of a master at spotting wild raspberries while hiking.

If you are ever walking through the woods and spot a bramble patch, it's easy to distinguish between blackberries and raspberries (although I can't tell the difference between red and black raspberries by foliage alone). Use this mnemonic device: Blackberries stems are Blocky, while Raspberry stems are Round.

Are you a wild-berry hunter?


  1. yumm! i don't think i've ever eaten black raspberries but they sound delicious. my red raspberry patch came courtesy of my next-door neighbors...the canes snuck under the fence and took over a little chunk of the yard. and yes i am a wild berry hunter! blackberries and currants grow wild all over the place here, and huckleberries and blueberries grow in the mountains.

  2. Black raspberries have a stronger flavor than red raspberries, but they tend to be seedier. They make delicious jam (especially if you sieve out some of the seeds).


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