July 15, 2011

What Is This Thing?

My brother sent me this photo with the caption "I grew this thing. Now what should I do with it?"

I'm assuming he knows it's a zucchini, but it does look a bit different from a typical zucchini...and it's so big! Luckily, Costata Romanesco are supposed to stay tasty even when they get fairly large. 

I gave my brother and his girlfriend and my parents a variety of vegetable seedlings back at the beginning of June (including the seedlings responsible for this huge zucchini). I'm actually pretty jealous because even though I got my garden planted earlier and I live farther south, for some strange reason it sounds like their gardens are further along than mine. Maybe it's because I live in an area with a strange microclimate. I swear that half of the weather fronts that come our way head north and south of us and somehow completely loop around where I live. My parent's only live an hour north, but they often get snow storms and thunderstorms that never materialize here.
Here are my little Costata Romanesco zukes. I've actually had a few of them abort early because it has been so dry.

P.S. In regards to my brother's silly t-shirt...my family is Scottish and we love us some bagpipe!

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