August 8, 2011

Chocolate Stripes

I got my first 'Chocolate Stripes' tomato yesterday. I looked this variety up in the Baker Creek catalogue and they didn't list a days-to-maturity number ( I hate when they do that). Considering how large the fruit are, I figured they would take a lot longer to ripen. Instead, they've become one of my earliest tomatoes this year.  Oddly enough, my 'Bloody Butcher' tomatoes, which are supposed to be my earliest (at 55 days to maturity) haven't ripened yet (and it has been ~63 days since I planted them). It has been a weird year...


  1. Good to know other people are having weird tomato years too.
    That chocolate stripe is very interesting!

  2. what did you think of the flavor? chocolate stripes was my earliest beefsteak to ripen this year and they're my new all-time favorite, i thought the taste was just incredible. but of course the same tomato grown in different conditions can have an entirely different flavor.


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