August 22, 2011


Edamame was one of the new crops I wanted to try this year. I got my seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds. I'm still not sure if edamame are different from normal soybeans, but these ones (the variety was called 'Envy') tasted great!

I grew two very long rows of soybeans this year. I was expecting the beans to ripen around the same time as my bush beans, but I didn't realize that soybeans are a fairly long season crop. They finally started to bulk up last week.

I'm a little disappointed by the size of the pods and the beans. Most of the pods only have two small beans inside. However, they taste great (so much better than the frozen kind you can buy at the grocery store).

I rinsed the pods before boiling them (the hairy pods collect a lot of dirt). Then I boiled them for 2-3 minutes in very salty water. Drain and sprinkle a little extra salt (I always use kosher salt) before serving.

I'm a little overwhelmed by these beans, so I think I'm going to have to freeze some of them. Hopefully they'll taste just as good frozen as fresh.

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