October 14, 2011

Victorian Farm- My new favorite show

I recently discovered the BBC series Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm thanks to a quick mention by Jenna Woginrich on her blog, coldantlerfarm. If you're into historical reenactment, farm history, or domestic-skills history, you should check it out. Unfortunately, since it's a BBC program (or should I say programme) you can't buy the DVDs in a version that will function on American DVD players. Luckily, most of the episodes are available on YouTube. It can be a little tricky hunting down all the separate sections (each episode is broken into four 15-minute segments), but it's worth the hunting.

To get you started, here's the first section of episode 1 of Victorian Farm:


  1. Love both of these series! When I was in England this summer we planned to go to Acton Farm but sadly I got sick that day so we never made it.

  2. Hi Daedre,

    I have always had an appreciation for anything produced by BBC because, in my opinion, they’ve got the sophistication that’s lacking in Hollywood products. Furthermore, being as passionate about gardening as I am, any historic depiction about farms and farming sounds like something I’d enjoy.

    Thanks for your post and the sample video which I watch twice and definitely intend to look for the show’s other episodes.



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