November 17, 2011

50% off 2011 Seeds at Seed Savers Exchange!

Attention all you frugal gardeners out there! Seed Savers Exchange is having a 50% off sale on select varieties of their remaining 2011 seed stock. The sale ends on November 30th. I just finished ordering 6 packets of seeds. This has to be my record for earliest seed purchase for the subsequent year!

They have approximately 100 varieties on sale and the selection is actually pretty darn good (although there seems to be a overabundance of pepper varieties on sale). I don't usually buy from Seed Savers Exchange because their prices are higher (probably because their packets contain more seeds) than my favorite seed company, Pinetree Garden Seeds.

Here's what I purchased:
Bean, Golden of Bacau
Cucumber, Mexican Sour Gherkin
Soybean, Envy (2 packets)
Squash, Galeux d'Eysines
Pea, Golden Sweet

And all that for just $11.28 (including shipping)

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