December 21, 2011

Google Map Your Garden!

I happened to type in my own address while poking around town on the Satellite view of Google Maps. I was really excited to see that my vegetable garden is clearly visible! When I was house hunting almost three years ago, I used the Satellite view of Google Maps constantly. Since I didn't care as much about the actual house, I used Google Maps to check out the amount of full-sun area on each property before asking my realtor to show me the house. 

The satellite images must have been updated around June 2011 (I'm guessing) because I didn't put down the straw mulch between my raised beds until May and the grass is still pretty green (prior to the terrible drought we had later in the summer). Also, you can clearly see my boyfriend's white car in the driveway (and he's only had that car for a year). You can also see the chicken run alongside the garage (to the left of the garden). Looks like the chickens had already de-nuded the run because it shows up as a big brown rectangle.

I can even tell what time of day the satellite image was taken. The huge shadow over the car and the bottom left corner of the garden only occurs late in the afternoon. 

I didn't think about it at the time, but wish I had saved the previous image so I could compare.

See if you can find your garden on the map!

1 comment:

  1. Darn--mine was taken before the massive expansion I did this year, so you can't see much. I'll have to remember to check back later.


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