January 27, 2012

Google thinks I'm a 40-year old

My friend Joseph over at Greensparrow Gardens recently posted on Facebook about Google Ads Preferences...basically Google tries to guess your age and gender based on the types of websites that you visit most often.  While they at least got my gender correct, Google thinks I'm 10 to 20 years older than I am. I guess I must have very "mature" interests and hobbies! It makes sense though...in a horticulture class I took a few years ago, they taught us that most marketing for gardening products is targeted at 40-year-old women (and you'll see below that most of my internet time is spent looking at gardening stuff).

To try it for yourself, simply click on: www.google.com/ads/preferences

Here's what came up when I clicked on the link:

"Your categories
Below you can review the interests and inferred demographics that Google 
has associated with your cookie. 
Business & Industrial - Agriculture & Forestry - Livestock
Food & Drink - Cooking & Recipes
Food & Drink - Cooking & Recipes - Fruits & Vegetables
Food & Drink - Cooking & Recipes - Meat & Seafood
Home & Garden - Gardening & Landscaping
Pets & Animals - Pets - Rabbits & Rodents
World Localities - North America - USA - Midwest (USA) - Michigan

Your demographics
We infer your age and gender based on the websites you've visited. 
Age: 35-44
Gender: Female"


  1. Hilarious! If it makes you feel better I got a similar profile and demographic and I'm actually closer to 50. Maybe that is just the default demographic for anyone interested in gardening

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  3. So apparently, google thinks I'm 25-34 and female. They got the female part right, but I'm actually only sixteen years old. Google needs to figure out the age thing, huh?


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