September 25, 2012

Brassica Season

I'm helping teach a horticulture laboratory class one day a week and recently we went on a field trip to the MSU Student Organic Farm. I've gone on tours there probably a dozen times and I'm always learning something new and walking away inspired. They operate an 9-month organic farmer training program which trains people of all ages and background on everything there is to know about organic production (including veggies, cut flowers, honey, maple syrup, and livestock). In addition, they run a year-round CSA, an on-campus farm stand, and they even grow food for some of the campus dining halls.

During this particular tour, I was most impressed by their variety of brassica crops including:

Brussels Sprouts

Cabbage (or maybe this was cauliflower?)

Absolutely massive 'Kossak' kohlrabi

Beauty in shades of green, gray, and blue.

And lots of cabbage.

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