May 16, 2013

Fun Links and Plant Sale!

I was recently interviewed about urban chicken keeping in the Greater Lansing area by Lansing Area Capitol Gains, and online publication. I got to share a little bit of my enthusiasm for urban agriculture and homegrown food. My hens also got their photos taken, including a gorgeous close-up of Graybeard The Pirate (AKA George Clooney), my gray feathered hen given her celebrity name by the neighbor boys (who didn't realize all my chickens are female).

Photo by Dave Trumpie of Lansing Area Capitol Gains

Here's a link to the article:

I also wanted to make a quick shout-out to the MSU Horticulture Gardens annual Plant Sale!!! Their prices are great (I actually think they should raise their prices, considering it's a fundraiser), the selection of flowering plants is exotic (compared to what you'll find at most big-box garden centers), and they have a huge selection of heirloom vegetable seedlings.

Here's a link for the plant sale info:  They even have lists of what will be available for purchase. Time to make my shopping list!

Although all of my garden beds are already reserved, I'm going to have to make room for a few extras.

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