January 23, 2014

What Does $500 Worth of Seeds Looks Like?

Well, it doesn't look like much! They came in a package smaller than a shoebox! Even though these seeds were really expensive, this is like a dream come true for me! I got to pick out virtually whatever I wanted to grow in the MSU Horticulture Gardens this year, so I'll be trying out some fun things I've never grown before.  And this order is only the beginning. I placed a second (albeit, much smaller) order this morning!

This order includes 70 different varieties, including annuals (for me), perennials (for the perennial manager), and vegetable/herbs (for the head garden manager).  Most of the seeds will be grown for our plant sale and fundraiser in May, but some of them are for the display beds in the annual garden.

I can't wait to get started! Unfortunately, we are currently only in week 4 (in terms of the horticulture industry calendar), so I'll have to wait until about week 9 before I can start sowing some of these.

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