January 27, 2014

Winter Upholstery Projects

Here are three pieces of furniture in my living room that I'm working on reupholstering this winter. The two chairs were both purchased at a thrift store. The couch is a hand-me-down from my parents.

The first chair is currently upholstered in worn sky blue velvet. I bought this chair almost 5 years ago, so I'm not quite sure, but I think I paid about $20 for it. It will be redone in a charcoal gray woven fabric. I will not be replacing the tacks, but will instead cover those areas with double-welting (more on that later). Since the chair-back is concave, I will have to replace the buttons/tufting, which I haven't done before.


The second thrift store chair was purchased in the last month or so for about $12. It was also done in blue velvet (must have been popular at some point). It has already been reupholstered (more posts to follow) in a white and gray floral fabric with olive-green cockatoos. 

I grew up with this antique couch in my parent's house. I'm not completely sure what color the fabric was originally (beige? champagne?), but these days "dirty dishwater" describes it best. It has metal claw feet (which I love), and hand-carving on the scroll arms and seat back. This will be redone in the same charcoal gray woven fabric as the first chair.

I'm also making new throw pillows to liven things up a bit. My boyfriend didn't seem too keen on some of the bright colors and wild prints I was thinking of using on the furniture, so I'll have to limit myself to some fun throw pillows. There are also plants to make an ottoman to match the couch. My plan is to purchase a coffee table from Ikea, add foam, cover with the same couch fabric, and do some tufting.

My plans may be overly ambitious, so hopefully we won't end up living with our furniture stripped down to the bones for months on end (e.g. our naked couch is currently covered in a bed sheet). The first chair turned out great, so I'm excited to start working on the other two pieces (if only my fabric wasn't back-ordered)!

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