November 19, 2010

Chicken Run

Fencing around my chicken run.
I had some extra time yesterday so I worked on one of my ongoing projects in the backyard. Over the last few weeks I’ve been slowing building a chicken run on the side of my detached garage. I won’t be getting chickens until at least February of next year, but I wanted to get a head start on getting their housing ready. It is going to be unbearably cold for the next 4 months, which doesn’t facilitate working outside. Furthermore, I would have to wait until at least March or April to dig post holes again without the issue of permafrost.

A few weekends ago I dug the post holes and installed the fence posts. Last weekend I put up the fencing (6 foot high welded wire; one of my favorite outdoor materials). Today I installed a layer of chicken wire near the base of the fence with a 1 foot skirt along the outside (to discourage digging predators). I plan to cover the chicken run with poultry netting to prevent hawks and the more determined climbers from getting in. I’m curious if the netting will accumulate snow and ice over the winter. This is yet another reason I’m getting the chicken run ready now…to see if it will survive a Michigan winter without collapsing on its occupants (or providing them with an easy escape route).

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