November 21, 2010

Garage chicken coop

My house has a decent sized detached 2-car garage. When I bought the house, my building inspector was suspicious of the stability of the garage and advised that I have it torn down. However, a friend of mine, who happens to be a contractor, deemed my garage to be structurally sound. That said, I still don’t park my car in it. After years of apartment living, I’m used to parking outside…and having my doors freeze shut…and scraping ice off the windshield...and scraping ice off the inside of the windshield! For the last year, my garage has held nothing else but my snow blower (one of the best $300 I ever spent) and the old windows from my living room. 

Now the eastern section of the garage is going to become a chicken coop! The garage coop will be protected from weather and predators (hopefully) and has greatly reduced my chicken coop expenditures (because it is an existing structure). It also has electricity for running a lamp to adjust photoperiod, or a heat lamp when brooding chicks.
Chicken coop area (under construction) in my garage.
I have the cordoned off a section of the garage I with poultry netting. The garage has a large window on the east side with 18 panes of glass. I intend to remove one of the panes to create a chicken door, or pop-hole, that will connect the coop with the run. I still need to finish installing perches and nest boxes as well as build a couple ramps for the chicken door.
Nice bright windows in my garage.

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