December 20, 2010

2011 Seed Wishlist

I realize that it's only December, but I've already been browsing my seed catalogues and I have a general idea of what I will be ordering for next summer. I usually end up ordering most of my seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds, so I am basing my order off of their catalogue. 

I generally try 4-6 new heirloom tomatoes each year.  I've gotten so carried away with heirlooms that I grew 15-18 different varieties and about 57 plants total in 2010! Luckily I had my farmer's market stand to find homes for most of them. I also usually try a new bean or pea each year, a couple new lettuces, a couple new gourds, a new pumpkin, maybe 5 new annual flowers, and then a few new oddballs (like ground cherries).

Here is my tentative list of new varieties for 2011:

Cinderella (aka Rouge Vif D-Etampes) 
Or Long Island Cheese

Edamame- Beer Friend or Envy. I tried to grow edamame a couple years ago, but they were completely obliterated by groundhogs
Fava Bean-Windsor. I've never even eaten favas before, so I'm not sure why I want to grow them. Plus, I remember learning in a biology class a while back that some people are allergic to favas (a condition called favism).

Boothby's blonde
Or Miniature white
West India Gherkin (Anybody know if this is different from Mexican Sour Gherkin?)

Bushel gourd
Corsican gourd. I tried these last year and not a single seed germinated.
Egg gourd
Martinhouse gourd. Pinetree doesn't offer these, so I'll have to find another source.

Dinosaur Kale

Pinetree mix
Beleah Rose


Kohlrabi- Early White Vienna or Early Purple Vienna

Daikon Radish


Zucchini. I've been growing pattypan-type squash the last two years and I'd like to try the regular long green zucchini again (I have a great stuffed zucchini recipe that doesn't really work with the pattypans).

Aunt Ruby's German Green
Black Cherry
Principe Borghese (for making sun dried tomatoes)
Big Rainbow
Zapotec Pleated
Paul Robeson
Great White
Cherokee Purple
I'm positive I'll try the first three tomatoes on my list. I'll pick a couple from the rest of the list to go along with the other 15+ varieties I grow every year.

Pony yellow
Or Golden crown

What new things are you growing for 2011?


  1. Hey! I just realized you have a blog. Good choices... For zucchini, may I suggest the variety Costata Romanesco? It is hands down the most delicious (and beautiful) zucchini I have ever grown. Yields are low, but the flavor is totally worth it.

  2. Hey! I see you have one too! You've been keeping it a secret...

  3. I'm getting closer to finalizing my seed orders! So many choices!

    I think I'll try that Costata Romanesco zucchini. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has it and I'll probably be putting an order in with them.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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