December 22, 2010

Egg Recipes

My oldest brother visited recently and we got to chatting about my impending (although not for another ~7 months) egg overload. Being quite a foodie and having taken culinary school classes, he had all kinds of suggestions for using up eggs: aioli, mayonnaise, crème brulee, merengue, etc. Surprisingly, I never made any of these things before. I'll have to start researching good egg recipes.

Aioli must be gaining in popularity, because I've eaten at a couple of restaurants lately that have both featured garlic lime aioli in their dishes. One of them even had garlic lime sriracha aioli.  From what I can tell, aioli is kind of halfway between hummus and mayonnaise.

I got a double-yolker from the grocery store this summer (this was the first one of my life).

It's kind of silly that I'm getting some chickens because I'm not particularly fond of fried eggs or scrambled eggs. However I have found a number of uses for eggs that I do enjoy. I often cook raw scrambled egg into soups such as noodle soup or tomato soup to add a little protein (plus it's delicious). I'm also a huge fan of bibimbap, which is a Korean dish of rice, hot and cold vegetables, sometimes meat, and a fried egg on top.  Eggs are always useful for baking, either for cakes, cookies, biscotti, or for brushing on top of pretzels or bread.


  1. Yes. Eggs are good.

    If you're not into eggs that much, I recommend using them to cement other things that you like together with their adaptable protein gel... Like some kind of breakfast hash-snausage, corned beef, whatever.

    Aïoli is really just mayonnaise made with olive oil and garlic instead of a less flavorful oil like canola (but real kitchen heros use clarified butter anyway, right?) I've never been able to get aïoli to work in the oft-touted "blender/food-pro" method. I make it the right way. Kind of. I use a mixing bowl and a balloon whisk. The old-skool italian granny way is to do it in a mortar and pestle. That sounds hard.

    Do this:

    4 garlic cloves
    1 egg yolk
    1 C Extra Virgins Olive Oil

    Bash the hell out of the garlic with the salt in a mortar and pestle. Moosh it up with the egg. For Italian grannys with 45cm biceps use a mortar and pestle to add in oil, otherwise, switch to a bowl with a whisk.

    Slowly, slowly, slowly add in oil in the faintest stream you can while whipping the mixture. If it starts to break, stop pouring oil and beat until it comes back together. If it does explode, just take another egg yolk and start beating it, adding the failed mixture slowly into it...

    As you progress, you can add the oil more rapidly.

    You should have a pale yellow, puddingy, garlicy mayo. It should be potent with that much raw garlic. I guess if you're some kind of baby you could use less garlic. You could also go eat some Activia yogurt and drink some vitamin water.

    Use on everything.

  2. Mmmm... sounds good. I may have to repost this for everyone to see...


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