March 12, 2011

Chick Weight Gain

I have been weighing my chicks every other day or so to track their weight gain (more out of curiosity than anything else).

The chicks are now 18 days old. They tripled to quadrupled in weight in just 15 days! It is truly amazing how fast they grow. Considering I have several different breeds of chickens, it make sense that they don't weight exactly the same, but they seem to all be within about 20 grams of one another. They are so flappy and jumpy now that I had to switch over to the full-size waterer because they managed to knock over the chick waterer last night (what a mess).

In addition to rapidly gaining weight, the chicks are also losing their fluffy down pretty fast too! They look quite scruffy at the moment (half-way between down and feathers).

Aracauna chick


  1. Are the purple line chicks for meat and the green line chicks for egg producers? Is that why the purple dudes grow so much faster?
    Or are they just the bullies around the trough?

  2. All my chicks are egg layers. Some of the breeds are naturally heavier (like the buff orpington) and some are naturally lighter (like the aracauna).

  3. It makes me happy to know I'm not the only gardener keeping track of things with charts and graphs and the like. Seeing it all in data form just makes me happy!


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