March 1, 2011

Rapid Germination of Succulent Seeds!

I was surprised to see cactus seeds germinating after only 3 days and lithops after 4 days! I'm already beginning to think that ordering seeds from CactusStore was a better idea than buying mystery cactus seeds from the hardware store.

There's a tiny lithops seedlings in the middle of this tray. Can you find it?
Look at all the seeds that sprouted! This is only 4 days after seed sow!


  1. I love how informative your blog posts are!! The only actual one out of many that i can actually see a progression and difference between a first year cactus seedling and third year cactus!

  2. i want to buy some Lithops seed. Do you have it?

  3. No sorry. I used all the Lithops seeds I had. I bought mine from the CactusStore website. You should check them out, they have all kinds of interesting varieties.

  4. What is the cactus variety in your second photo? I got seeds as wedding gift and they look exactly like these. Thanks a lot!


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