March 2, 2011

Chicks at One Week Old

I'm going to try to make predictions on who's who.

Buff Orpington

Black Australorp


Barred Rock

Gold Laced Wyandotte (this little chick was more interested in pecking at the placemat than getting her photo taken.)


  1. The video is hilarious! I cracked up when the "hand of god" randomly appeared and moved the chick back into frame. I can't believe they're already so much less fluffy. When will they move outside?

  2. The chicks are currently in my basement, but I'll probably get them moved out to the coop in a month or so (as soon as they get some real feathers going). I'd like to take them outside for some fresh air, but we still have about a foot of snow on the ground.

  3. Hi....just hopped over from my site to see your chicks. Ummmm, your picture above of a barred rock doesn't look like my barred rock. Even the first feathers that mine grew were barred.

    Check out the link to see my baby barred rocks.

    Can you post another pic your barred rock, I'm curious to see what yours looks like.

  4. I looked at your photos again, and wow! Yours really did have barring right from the beginning. I think my barred rock started out black with a white belly. I only started to see black and white stripes in the last couple weeks (week 3 and 4).

    I'm hoping to take a new round of photos this weekend (as soon as my rechargeable batteries charge), so I'll try to make sure I put one up my barred rock.

  5. Thanks I'll be on the lookout! I wish I could subscribe to your blog. Is there a reason why you don't have that feature?

  6. Hi Katrina,

    I added a couple options for subscribing to my blog. I was assuming most people would just subscribe to my blog through their blog reader (just copy and paste the url into the "add blog" section of your blog reader). However, I realize now that not every uses a blog reader (for example, my parents who don't even have internet access at home). Thanks for the heads-up!


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