April 11, 2011

Almost 7 Weeks Old!

The chicks are nearly 7 weeks old now! That means I'm going to try to get them transitioned outdoors in the next week (weather permitting). It has been either cold or rainy, or both the last few weeks, so the chicks haven't gotten much outdoor time. In fact, this weekend they finally got outside for the second time ever!  Luckily, our all-day-long thunderstorm that was supposed to occur on Sunday never happened. It was gorgeous, sunny, and about 76 degrees! 

The chicks seemed a little shy at first (sticking together in a herd and hiding in the box I move them with), but they seemed to relax a bit after I started feeding them earthworms. I got so distracted by the fun of feeding them earthworms that I temporarily forgot about weeding my vegetable beds and spent about 20 minutes digging through the soil will my bare hands collecting worms in a bowl. The chicks also got to meet some neighbor children who were very curious about my new pets. 

My Buff Orpington seems to be the leader at the moment. Where she goes, the others follow.

The aracauna seems to be second in command and currently is the largest of all the chicks.

Nice beard!

Enjoying the sun and the breeze.


  1. Very cute! How many did you get?

  2. I love the looks of indignation that you are holding and photographing them. Good luck getting them outside - hope the weather cooperates with you.


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