April 4, 2011

Starting Brassicas

This weekend I started many of my brassica seeds. I sowed romanesco and calabrese broccoli, red russian kale, early white vienna kohlrabi, and mizuna. Last year, all of my broccoli seedlings were eaten soon after transplanting outside. Hopefully I'll have better luck this time. I have never grown kohlrabi or kale before, so I'm interested to see how it goes.

My pepper and tomatillo seeds from last weekend are doing really well (as are the swiss chard). I'm surprised each year by how tall and leggy the tomatillos are at first. They always seem too thin and weak, but I guess that's just how they look at first.

The green tomatillos were first to germinate, followed by the purple tomatillos, and then the sweet peppers.

The green tomatillos (hiding behind the sweet pepper tag) are so leggy. This seems to happen every year, so hopefully it's normal.

These swiss chard seedlings germinated in less than 48 hours! Hopefully they'll survive long enough to transplant outside.


  1. Good luck with the swiss chard...I'm trying it again this year for the final time. I have yet to try a tomatillo...does it taste like a tomato?

  2. Our chard looks the same! Mine were doing well and then started flopping over, but not dampening off, because they still grew leaves and looked good. I'll be curious to see how yours goes.

  3. Tomatillo does not taste like tomato (at least I don't think so). Tomatillos are more dense and firm with a sweet/tart flavor when raw. If you have ever had salsa verde or green enchilada sauce, that's what tomatillos taste like.


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