May 18, 2011

Alternative Nesting Boxes

I found some great nesting boxes for my chicken coop the other day (and from Target, of all places). These 14 inch cubic storage bins are the perfect size for heavy breed chickens. All I need to do is add some sort of barrier to the bottom edge of each nesting box so the eggs don't roll out. Of course, it will be a couple months (hopefully late July or early August) before these actually get any action...

These storage bins will make excellent nesting boxes.

Have you found any great alternatives to traditional nesting boxes?


  1. Oh Target...
    I didn't realize it would be so long before you got eggs!

  2. Yeah, it's usually around 5 months of age when they start laying and they're only 3 months old.

    I'm glad I got my chicks as early as I did. Personally, I don't understand why most feed stores sell chicks around Easter or Mother's Day rather than earlier in the year (wouldn't chicks make a great Valentine's day gift?). If you buy chicks in late April or May, you won't get eggs until around October! By then, you're getting close to winter, which is when egg production naturally tapers won't get high production until spring rolls around again.

  3. Years ago when we kept chickens, we used cat litter boxes in a special cabinet with cubbies )similar to your cubes)my husband built. They were easy to clean and "the girls" seemed to like the depth of the pans. A handful of straw and wa-la, instant nest!


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