May 11, 2011

My Raspberry Patch

I got five raspberry plants from another grad student a couple years ago. The first year I got a few berries. The second year the plants were completely engulfed by weeds to the point where I couldn't even see the plants and forgot about them. This year (year three) I've made the effort to weed (and eventually mulch) the area.  Hopefully these will make a nice contribution to my fruit garden. Since last year, the plants have sent out runners and now there are baby plants everywhere! Hopefully they aren't too crowded and will still produce well. I plan on potting up some of the babies to give to friends.

Unexpected baby raspberry plant

Swarms of baby raspberry plants in a (relatively) weed free bed.

One of the few plants with second-year growth that didn't get mowed down by bunnies. I'm still a little confused about whether these raspberries will fruit on first-year or second-year wood, so I'm not going to do any pruning. I've also forgotten what varieties these canes are...and the fruiting is different in different varieties.

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