May 10, 2011

Show Yourselves!

My lettuce, arugula, radish, and mizuna seeds have finally poked out of the soil. I think the delay must have been due to a combination of unusually cool temps and crusted-over soil.

Luckily these volunteer cilantro seedlings had no trouble germinating.

These lettuce seedlings, on the other hand, were very slow to get going. If you can believe it, I planted these almost a month ago! It took almost two weeks before I saw any sign of germination.
This self-sown arugula will also help add to my early spring salads (assuming it isn't technically summer by the time these things grow big enough)


  1. Now you can start dreaming of delicious salads!

  2. Love volunteer plants-they always seem so much "stronger" than transplants.

  3. Sue: so true! I could never grow seedlings indoors that are as healthy and strong as the self-sown ones!


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