May 9, 2011

Planting Dormant Strawberry Crowns

 finally got around to planting all my strawberries. I've never grown strawberries before, so hopefully I'm doing things right. I put about 30 plants in my new fruit garden (which was my cut flower garden last year) . I'm planning on putting some straw mulch over the landscape fabric as some point (the weeds still seem to be able to get enough light through the fabric).

Bareroot strawberry crowns wrapped in moist newspaper.

I covered the planting area with permeable landscape fabric. I cut holes in the fabric to pop in the strawberry plants. I also cut some holds for a couple hyacinth bulbs (which look kind of funny now).

Planted and watered.

Some of the plants are looking better than others. I think I let the plants try out too much before planting.


  1. I just planted my strawberries too. They look about the same. Will you get fruit the first year?

  2. I should get fruit this year. A lot of sources say to remove the flowers the first year to let the plant get established, but I don't want to wait. I heard a lot of people say that removing the flowers in the first year isn't really necessary.

  3. I simply planted mine and ate the results.
    Good luck and enjoy.


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