June 25, 2011

Eggs Rolling In!

As I mentioned earlier this week, on of my chickens started laying eggs recently. While the first egg (on Monday) had no shell, I got a perfect little brown-shelled egg on Thursday and another slightly larger egg on Friday. 
I had to hurry out and install my nest boxes (storage cubes from Target) because I wasn't expecting any eggs for another several weeks. I put a grit filled Easter egg in each box as a decoy. The Easter eggs seem to be working because I saw the chicken that I suspect is doing the laying in one of the boxes "practicing" on Tuesday. I nailed a board across the bottom of the crates to create a raised edge so the eggs and bedding don't get kicked out.

The egg on the bottom is from Thursday and the slightly larger egg on top is from Friday. 

I'm assuming my brown eggs will slowly increase in size until they are more similar to this large white grocery store egg. Thinking of that, I will probably never have to buy grocery store eggs again!

1 comment:

  1. That's awesome! Just think of the omelets and quiches and baked goods you'll be making.


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