July 25, 2011

First Tomato!

I got my first ripe tomato about a week ago (a Purple Russian). I shared it with my parents during an emergency air-conditioner run to their home. It was so hot last week that we borrowed two room air conditioners from them....and it has been so nice having moderate temperature control in the house. It was getting up to 85 degrees at night inside!

This tomato kind of caught me off guard. I knew it was getting close to ripe, but the color change was very slight and then it was ripe all of a sudden. For a black tomato, it is very green.

I was also surprised by the shape of this tomato. I thought it was a paste-type tomato, but this particular fruit is almost ox heart shaped. The other fruit on the plant have more of a elongated paste shape.

And the flavor? It was pretty darn good considering it was my first taste of tomato in a long long time. It definitely needed salt and pepper though.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! Can't wait for the first ripe ones on my vines...


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