July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Surprise

I had a second chicken start laying today and the egg was blue tinted! It's such a pretty little egg. And this time, I'm positive who laid it because it had to be the aracauna. I can also tell who's laying the eggs because if I pet each chicken, the ones that have started laying eggs squat down and sit still in some sort of blissful mating position. The non-laying chickens just try to run away!

Today I got a nice brown egg (the biggest one so far, and it was still warm) and this little blue guy. The blue egg was laid on top of the next box instead of in the next box. Hopefully Momma Chicken #1 will teach Momma Chicken #2 how it's done. Then again, considering that Chicken #1's first egg was laid outside in the grass, Chicken #2 is doing very well!

These photos don't really illustrate how blue the egg is (it just looks kind of gray), but it's very pretty pale blue.

Here's my very own red, white, and blue decoration for the holiday. Happy Fourth of July!


  1. That's a beautiful aracauna egg. That white egg is large for a new layer. I didn't see photos for all of your chicks, but it didn't look as if you had any white layers. Is that egg store bought? I'm still waiting for the 8 new additions to my flock to start laying, especially the ameraucanas.

  2. I don't have a white egg layer. The white egg in the photo is a grocery store egg. I'm wondering if mine will ever reach that size?


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