July 18, 2011

Green Tomatoes

I have some nicely sized (and interestingly shaped) tomatoes forming in the garden. Hopefully a few will start ripening soon!

Polish Linguisa, a paste tomato

Martino's Roma, my favorite paste tomato

Taxi, a small slicer. This is my brother's favorite, but I'm not it's biggest fan. I put one plant in my garden just so I can save the seeds and grow him some plants next year.

Pricipe Borghese, a tomato for sun-drying. I'm really exited about these. The yield is going to be huge!

Japanese Black Trifele, a unique tear drop shaped purple tomato. This is my first year growing this variety, so hopefully it will add another favorite to my list of black tomatoes.

Orange Sungold, the only hybrid plant among my tomatoes, and possibly in my entire garden. I've heard rave reviews, so hopefully it's worth breaking my (unwritten) no-hybrids rule.

Verde tomatillo.

Black Krim

Very fasciated tomato! This is why I love heirlooms.

Look! What's that? Could it be? My first Purple Russian tomato is finally turning purple. Hopefully I'll be eating it in a few days!

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