September 19, 2011

Finally A Watermelon!

So it turns out I'm no good at growing melons, but I did have a small (very small) triumph this year with one little guy...

Isn't he cute? This is a Cream of Saskatchewan watermelon. I read about this variety in Farm City by Novella Carpenter. If I remember correctly, she had difficulties with melons as well.

As the name implies, this watermelon has creamy yellow flesh. The flavor is quite good although I may have waited too long to pick it (it was getting a little mealy in places). 

1 comment:

  1. I am much better at cultivating flowers than produce but I’ve been rather successful with watermelons in the past several years.

    My only challenge is to time harvesting the fruits with more accurate precision. If I wait too long, the squirrels will get them but picking them too soon leaves me with fruits that haven’t had a chance to fully ripen.

    I’m hoping that one of these years I will get it just right.


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