November 9, 2011

Free Leaf Mulch!

One of the students in the horticulture lab I teach offered to deliver some chopped leaf mulch from his landscaping business. How could I turn that down?

I got four garbage cans full of mixed chopped leaves and grass. Although 4 cans didn't sound like much, it was enough to cover almost my entire garden in a couple inches of the stuff.

Mulch waiting to be distributed to other beds.

Now I have the majority of my garden cleared, weeded, and tucked-in for the winter!


  1. Yay leaf mulch! It always amazes me how much stuff is out there available for free, if you're just looking for it.

  2. ...and I wasn't even looking for it! It came to me!

  3. I’ve stopped being surprised that so many people would rather spend money on foul smelling manure rather than use that which nature provides at no cost and with no offensive odors. What a waste — what a shame!

    Instead, for the past several years I’ve been offering free leaf raking services to several friendly neighbors and acquire for myself plenty of mulch for my yard.


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