December 5, 2011

Mangy Chicken

My USB memory card reader finally arrived in the mail, so I can now share some photos of my mangy molting hen. As you can see, her feathers were very sparse.

And the back of her head and neck was completely denuded (see below). I don't have any photos of her rump, but her rear-end and tail were also completely naked.

Amazingly enough, between the time I took these photos, discovered that my camera cord was broken, and ordered and received my new USB card reader, most of the feathers on her head and neck are already coming back in. Her rump is still naked though!

Her mood during the molt has changed pretty dramatically too. She's very spastic and runs around "like a chicken with their head cut off" to put it bluntly. I realize this is probably pretty stressful for her, so hopefully she'll be back to her old self one all her new shiny feathers grow in.

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