December 12, 2011

What's In My Compost Bin

I'm really proud that I keep adding to my compost bins all winter long. I realize that my bins are probably frozen solid and not doing much (I've never been able to achieve a hot compost pile), but at least I'll have all kinds of tasty layers built up over the winter. Oh, the potential!

Snow (lame), banana peel, lime peel, healthy sprinkling of chicken poop

More chicken poop (and feathers) in the foreground, grapefruit peels, carrot and grapefruit pulp from my new juicer.

Carrot shavings from last nights stir-fray, lime peel, banana peel, and yet more chicken "sprinkles"


  1. I keep a pile of leaves nearby to be the brown additions to my frozen compost. I don't use chicken manure because I'm concerned about not knowing when or if it has sufficiently composted so I keep it in a separate bin. Do you have any suggestions for determining when the animal manure is "ready"?
    BTW, I just got the Baker Creek catalog this week and it has got to be the most beautiful seed catalog I've seen. Thanks so much for the tip about it.

  2. I've considered keeping the chicken poo separate from the rest of my compost, but it would take forever to accumulate enough to do anything with.

    I'm not really sure how to tell when the chicken manure is "ready". I tend to just pile up layer upon layer of stuff throughout the year. When it comes time to harvest some compost, I scrape off the top un-composted layers and harvest the stuff at the bottom that resembles soil. I guess my way of telling if it's "ready" is if you can't tell what it is anymore!


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