May 20, 2013

Plant Sale Purchases

My shopping trip at the MSU plant sale was pretty successful this year.  As usual, I came home with a bunch of fruit/veggie seedlings, but no flowering plant purchases (I don't like spending money on plants that won't pay me back).  I made a point of getting to the sale extra early this year (I think I arrived at 8:30am), but they were still running out of many varieties!  I was lucky to snag the very last 'Blush' tomato in stock.  I was too late to get this variety last time, which is why I got up so early this year.  I also picked up 'Great White' although I actually grew this variety from seed this year (I thought that I was growing 'White Queen' at home), so now I have a few extra seedlings to put in my giveaway pile.

Here are descriptions of what I bought:

Celery 'Giant Red': A recent re-selection from the European red-stalked celeries. Selection goals were better color, earliness and disease resistance. Red celery has a richer flavor than the green types. Until you've sampled the golden-pink hearts, you haven't tasted celery! (Baker Creek)

Kohlrabi 'Superschmelz': 60-70 days-Spectacular light green kohlrabi makes the largest bulb of any variety, up to 10 inches across, and weighing up to 10 LB! Yet the flesh is tender and never gets fibrous. Requires a very rich soil and plenty of space to reach gigantic proportions. (Baker Creek)

Melon 'Ananas': Sweet and juicy white flesh. A rare white muskmelon, fruit are around 5 lbs. An old 1800's heirloom. (Baker Creek)

Melon 'Prescott Fond Blanc': 70 days. The most unique and beautiful French melon we sell! The fruit is 4-9 lbs., very flattened and ribbed, with warts and bumps. Melons have grey/green skin turning straw color; flesh is salmon-orange. Once one of the best known melons, it was mentioned in the 1860's, but it likely is much older. The flavor is very rich if picked at perfection, and the fragrance is heavenly. This is a favorite melon of mine; almost unheard of in this country. (Baker Creek)

Pepper 'Quadrato D'Asti Giallo': 80 days. The giant yellow Quadrato bell pepper. The huge fruit are a favorite here. The largest variety we have grown, beautiful and blocky, with very thick walls; the flavor is outstanding--sweet and rich! This Italian variety gives very heavy yields; one of the best varieties for marketing. This superb pepper is a real winner! (Baker Creek)

Tomato 'Blush': These 2 inch long cherry tomatoes have an unforgettable tropical sweet flavor reminiscent of pineapple and are ready to pick when the pink blush starts to appear over the yellow background. Widely adapted with a heavy fruit set over an extended period, the tall vines need staking. (Seeds of Change)

Tomato 'Hillbilly': 80 - 85 days. A huge, bi-color heirloom: brilliant yellow color with red marbling. Very large with a rich, sweet flavor. Beautiful when sliced. An heirloom believed to be from West Virginia. (Baker Creek)

Tomato 'Great White': 80-85 days. Large, 1-lb giant, creamy white fruit, this tomato is superbly wonderful. The flesh is so good and deliciously fruity, it reminds one of a mixture of fresh-cut pineapple, melon and guava. One of our favorite fresh-eating tomatoes! Fruit are smoother than most large beefsteak types, and yields can be very high. Introduced by Gleckler's Seedsmen. (Baker Creek)

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