May 22, 2013

2013 Vegetable Garden Layout

I like to be very organized and I'm a chronic maker of to-do lists, diagrams, maps, etc. My attitude towards gardening is no exception. After completely reworking the layout of my garden this year, I got to start with a clean slate (with the exception of an awkwardly placed patch of garlic planted last fall, and my rhubarb patch). It doesn't appear that I posted a map of my 2012 garden, but that's not surprising since last summer I was focusing on my Master's thesis and the garden was somewhat neglected. However, I can compare my current map with my garden layout posted in 2011 (which was fairly similar to 2012).

The 2013 vegetable garden has 13 north-south rows. Each row is 3 feet wide with 18" pathways between rows. So far, all the rows and pathways are constructed and black plastic has been laid on rows 1 through 6. Row 3 and rows 8 through 13 are already planted (except for the beans and corn)

Here's a list of what's going into each row:

Row 1: "Experimental" tomatoes from my cross of martino's roma and Black Krim two years ago (more on this later), as well as some other heirloom tomatoes, and awkwardly located garlic

Row 2: Heirloom tomatoes, peppers

Row3: Yukon gold and banana fingerling potatoes

Row 4: Winter squashes, watermelons, gourds, pumpkins

Row 5: Watermelons, cucumbers, pumpkins

Row 6: Summer squashes, muskmelons, eggplants, pumpkins

Row 7: Edamame and green beans

Row 8: Onions, shallots, leeks, green beans

Row 9: Lettuces, carrots, snow peas

Row 10: Kales, mustards, and other brassicas

Row 11: Parsley, cilantro, celery, strawberries, tomatillos

Row 12/13: Sweet corn and popcorn, rhubarb, perennial herbs

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