May 24, 2013

Rhubarb Soda Pop

My first garden harvest this year was some rhubarb from my 3-year old rhubarb patch. I planned on making some rhubarb syrup to use to make soda pop...and it was delicious.

My rhubarb bolted this year, probably due to the drought-like conditions last summer. The two sheathed stalks in the photo below are flower stalks. They were cut off near the base of the plant once I realized what they were.

Here's what the unopened rhubarb flower looks like. At first, I thought it was just an unfurled leaf all crinkled up, but it was actually the flower head.

Making the rhubarb syrup was easy. I mention the recipe I use in this post. After letting it cool, I mixed approximately 1 part rhubarb syrup with 2 parts club soda. The resulting color was a pretty pale pink. It reminded me of pink grapefruit...and it actually tasted quite a bit like grapefruit too!

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