June 27, 2013

Garden Aerial...One Month Later

 The vegetable garden on May 31, 2013:
At this point, I didn't even have all the rows planted, and the tomatoes, peppers, and squashy things were still newly transplanted seedlings.

The garden on June 26, 2013:

In the last few days, many of my pathways have become completely overrun with pumpkins, gourds, and watermelons. I knew I was tempting fate by planting all my vining crops in the middle of the garden, but since many of those things won't ripen until the end of the season, I don't need to get in there very often anyway.

The tomatoes are already waist-high and heavy with fruit. The corn is knee-high (and it isn't even Fourth of July). My snow peas are in full production. My salad crops are bolting really fast, so I'm probably going to yank most of them out and plant something else (maybe more soybeans and flowers). We've yet to hit that mid-summer oppressive heat, so everything is still really lush and green, but that will change.

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